How to Hide a Security Camera

Most of time, not hiding your security camera is already a good way to keep intruders away from your house, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t situations when hiding it is the way to go.

Why hide it in the first place?

A security camera in plain sight means higher risk for the camera to be spotted and disabled by possible intruders.

You may want to install the security camera or camere supraveghere for checking up on the nanny in which case you definitely want to go with hiding the camera.

If you care a lot about the looks of your residence, you may want to hide the security camera for aesthetic reasons alone.

Is it legal to hide it?

You shouldn’t worry about recording surveillance video with a hidden camera in your home, without the consent of the person you’re recording. It’s a bit obvious that you may not record hidden camera video in a place where subjects may develop some private activities. Keep in mind that this is illegal in many states.

If you want to play it safe all the way, you’d better check with an attorney about how you may use the security camera and where you may install it.

How to hide it?

There are some legal methods that you may use for hiding your security camera so it’s up to you and your needs which way to go.

  1. Use bush/ceiling/eave/window for hiding

You only need some attention to better check your residence and find the spots that are best for hiding your security cameras. Let’s give you some easy ideas to try:

  • In a bird house

Any traditional birdhouse is a great place to hide your security camera. Its enclosed style, with only one tiny hole in front, lets the camera to capture videos outside, while keeping the camera safe and protected by burglars are the same time.

  • Under the eaves

Many dome cameras are impossible to see if you mount them under the eaves. As they are typically white and the dome cover is quite small, these aren’t the camera to easily spot on, especially if you’re not particularly looking for them.

Keep in mind to use some mini dome camera, donut sized that is even easier to hide.

  • Near the trees and bushes

Leaves and branches are great for hiding your security cameras. Go the extra mile and paint the cameras to match the color of the trees and bushes, for better blending. Why not go all the way?

Keep in mind that when you use security cameras for the outdoors, you need them to be weather resistant and wireless. After all, you don’t need to hide the wires as well.

  • Use the ceiling

For the indoor cameras, it’s much easier to find solution for hiding the security cameras. You may use some toy boxes, bookshelf or ceiling for doing it efficiently.

  • The window

A good place to hide the security camera is inside your house, pointing out a window. This way you take advantage of the curtains and even if intruders notice the camera, they’re still not able to damage it. The closer they get to the camera, the higher the chances for the Police to get a good eye on them.

It’s important to know that if you go with this, the performance of your camera at night may not be as great.

  1. Ask the professional

This may be the easiest way to hide your security camera- using a spy or a mini camera in the first place. As they are designed into outdoors lamps, charge adapters or alarm clocks, there’s no need for you to worry about how to make it invisible/

These cameras come with many useful features, from night vision, to Wi-Fi connection, audio and motion activation.  You may even find cameras designed for the indoor use and they have quite a subtle design. They are battery powered; present a black skin and able to blend easy in any surroundings.

  1. Get creative

If your residence lacks the decorating items, or the trees, or the bushes, don’t hesitate to get creative and build some nice decorative boxes for hiding the security cameras. It would take the most experienced eye to notice that the box doesn’t really fit into the scenery anyways.

Still running dry? The list for hiding is long, including smoke detectors, books, houseplants, stuffed toys, electrical outlets and even tissue boxes. If these are somehow a typical place to hide your camera, add on your list the less suspicious ones: air filter equipment, DVD cases, gym bags, lava lamps, and buttons.

One last thing! Have more than just one camera installed in a place in order to get successful surveillance. After all, you do want to get a good look at your intruders.